Films by Brian McDonald

Anthem Film

Directed by Brian McDonald.

This is an unused Anthem film for Microsoft produced by Belief Agency.

The film was made from preexisting materials which was the work of several companies and filmmakers. Directing the film consisted of constructing a story from that existing material and directing the voice talent. 

Password available upon request.

White Face Short Film

Directed by Brian McDonald

Audience Award winner at the Slamdance film festival.

Brian McDonald’s award-winning short mockumentary, has run on both HBO and Cinemax and is about the problems Clowns might face if they were an actual race of people. Billed as “a serious comedy about racism” it, unfortunately, continues to remain relevant years after its initial release. 

Squirrel Butter and The Tall Boys

Directed by Brian McDonald

Documentary Short for MTV’s Five Dollar Cover B-Side

Xbox Adaptive Controller Film

Story Supervisor

Password available upon request.